Santa’s going to need a new chapeau.

That is what the caption on my Christmas card photo would have stated had I been able to screw up the courage to give Ndamukong Suh, the cockatoo, the Santa Claus cap I had in my pocket. But I could tell that my friend’s pet bird, who loves to lure me in with “I love you,” was going to try to bite me, as usual, so I didn’t try to get a photo.

That’s my excuse for why I didn’t send 2015 Christmas cards. But I am grateful to have received a lot of lovely cards.

Now, a peek into my mailbox.

1. That Harris glam

Model Bella Harris, 15, has some competition on the runway based on the Jimmy Jam and Lisa Harris 2015 Christmas card.

Bella’s twin, Max, is looking model gorgeous in his crazy Weeknd do. The hairstyle is much cuter on Max.

Max and Bella are freshmen at a Christian high school in California where the former Minnesota residents now live. “He is having a great year at a new school with a demanding schedule of academics and athletics [where Max] is an important addition to the basketball programs,” reads a message on the card, which also notes “ … and yes, Mom and Dad love his hair!”

The twins’ big brother, Tyler, is a freshman member of the Arizona State basketball team. At 6-5, 200 pounds, Tyler has grown big enough to tear down a basketball goal at one of his homes owned by his uncle Kevin Garnett.

The Jimmy Jam card also included separate photos of the parents and the kids with Janet Jackson; the superstar is Tyler’s godmother. Like many of a previous album, Jackson’s latest, “Unbreakable,” was produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis among others.

2. Diggin’ the holiday

The Vikings community relations guy really “Diggs” No. 14, who is on the cusp of being a breakout wide receiver.

“Yours Truly ‘Diggs’ the Holiday Season! Hope you have a great one!” reads the cards from “Brad Madson and Rookie Sensation Stefon Diggs,” who has a sweet smile that is no match for Madson’s.

3. A perfect brew

612Brew co-founder Adit Kalra’s family photo includes “Cheers,” but no bubbly of any variety. Kalra is looking like the fashion plate he is enjoying being, in a blazer with piping, as he and wife Paveena hold toddler Aarya, whose paternal grandparents own my favorite Indian restaurant, Tandoor in Bloomington.

4. Prime-time looks

It’s as if Stanley S. Hubbard, CEO of Hubbard Broadcasting, sent me a photo of himself as young boy.

I received a great “Have a Wonderful Holiday” card with a photo of Stanley, Ryan and Connor, the three sons of Stan Hubbard, CEO of Reelz and a son of Stanley S.

One of Stan’s boys bears a striking resemblance to grandpa, although the grandson is more handsome thanks to what his mom. Jennifer Hubbard, kicked in genes-wise.


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