It’s absolutely wonderful that Adrian Peterson married the mother of one of his kids, and they are preparing for the arrival of a second child in October.

Too bad the NFLer didn’t find love and the Bible four, five or however many children ago. Because of that, media observers did not think Peterson’s image was the best choice for a “Family Day” tweet Saturday from Vikings training camp.

“Using the face of Adrian Peterson — who has fathered an unknown number of children (‘I know the truth, and I’m comfortable with that knowledge’) — to promote Family Day sounds like something out of The Onion, but the tweet is still unapologetically up,” wrote Mark W. Sanchez in the New York Post.

“Are you kidding me?” said @RadioVendetta talk show host Joey Vendetta, filling in Wednesday for Jim Rome. “Minnesota Vikings tweeted … a picture of Adrian Peterson leaning down and kissing his kid. This is a guy who sat out games after being indicted for injuring [a different] young son, disciplining him with a switch. Up until then I thought a switch was something you turned the lights off with. Now everything’s fine ’cause they restructured the contract. Remember Peterson wasn’t playing there: I’m done. I want to be traded. Do you think the Minnesota Vikings are out of their mind for tweeting that picture with Adrian Peterson, kissing his son on ‘Family Day?’ And then the [social media] fallout afterward. People just went bananas.”

Yes, they did with some harshly reminding us that many have forgiven Peterson but others have not forgotten.

Listen. While I adore a picture of hulking Peterson being man enough to kiss his young son on the lips, AP’s family situation is too complicated for him to be the face of anything with the word “Family” in it.

Probably smarter to market his on-the-field exploits and let the photography of Twitter’s @MrsAshPeterson show his softer side.


Irvine & Schussler flex off

The muscle flexing between “Restaurant: Impossible” host/celebrity chef Robert Irvine and Twin Cities-based restaurant creator Steve Schussler started before I arrived Monday at St. Louis Park’s Galaxy Drive In.

Irvine’s director of operations Justin Leonard said the lifting afficionados started flexing while touring Schussler’s laboratory in Golden Valley where he keeps a larger than life-size Incredible Hulk.

Irvine dropped into the metro to tour Schussler’s properties and concept warehouses.

They became fast friends a few weeks ago after Irvine dined at Schussler’s fourth Disney in Orlando restaurant, the Boathouse. “This guy is off-the-charts creative,” said Irvine. “I met Steve at the Boathouse on my daughter’s graduation and she picked the restaurant. We had a private room, it was really, really nice. Steve came in, that’s how I met him. The whole experience was amazing; my daughter’s name on the menu, the food was excellent, the place was fantastic. My daughter has been there 20 or 30 times by now.”

After Irvine departed for the airport, Schussler told me, “We bonded because neither of us ever did anything for money. We want to be successful and creative and we believe that money will come. For him it’s about the relationship. That’s a turn on for me. He turns me on more than anyone I’ve ever met from the Food Network. He’s passionate, concise and tells it like it is.”

Irvine left a copy of his latest book, “Fit Fuel,” with Schussler, even though the book doesn’t go on sale until Monday.


Buettner’s got good arteries

Longevity expert Dan Buettner told the New York Times that after an executive physical at the Mayo, a doctor said, “I had the clearest arteries he’s ever seen in a 54-year-old man.”

It must be the “Icarian Stew.” Buettner told the NYT the dish helped him seduce his current love Kathy Freston, the healthful-living, conscious-eating author. The stew is a big pot of “black-eyed peas, fennel, onions, garlic, carrots, canned tomatoes and other plant-based delights simmered for hours and then topped with a few glugs of extra-virgin olive oil.”

I know what I won’t be making when I do a Q&A with Buettner. I hate black-eyed peas and canned tomatoes.


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