Beverly Hills Pawn may be the place to shop for Prince memorabilia.

Bring a briefcase full of cash.

His first ex-wife, Mayte Garcia, has given the store about 10 items, including a set of handcuffs, shoes and outfits that are probably recognizable to devoted fans who repeatedly flock to Symbolina’s performances.

I got a rundown from Dominique, manager and co-star with Yossi Dina on “Beverly Hills Pawn,” a ReelzChannel TV show that airs Saturdays at 8 p.m. Dominique told me via phone Wednesday that she was not surprised that Mayte is trying to unload items from her time with the rock star. “She’s a beautiful person inside and out, I have to tell you. A lot of our customers are like Mayte. They are famous, successful, well-to-do, but they have such an abundance of items they need to clear out,” said Dominique. “She was in the process of moving, and her home was so beautiful, such a huge property, but it was stuffed to the gills with these things. She just needed to clear out some space.”

The handcuffs could not have taken up much space, but priced at $16,000 they could cover the cost of a piece of property (or taxes) in, say, Chanhassen.

“These handcuffs are very cool,” Dominique said. “They’re gold-plated, Swarovski crystal studded and they were worn by Prince’s ex-wife; she was his featured dancer, I guess. She was always on stage with him and she was in the handcuffs.”

The cuffs are from the time before Prince became too religious to engage in the raunchy stage behavior that went along with some songs he now refuses to sing.

“They [the handcuffs] have not sold yet. They are [among the] things Yossi really loves. Sometimes he’s not really ready to part with them yet. I think when they go, they are going to [bring] five digits. They are in the showcase. They are for sale. [Come with] a briefcase full of cash or a credit card and he will sell it. He’s not going to make your life that easy in these negotiations; they are so rare, such a one-of-a-kind thing.

“We [also] have several of the outfits. We have a gold lamé outfit with the Prince symbol on it,” said Dominique, referring to the glyph he once adopted as a name and the reason I started calling him Symbolina. “We also have a very cool [$39,000] blue polyester outfit that was featured on [an] album. Funny story, if Mayte doesn’t get [ticked] at me for this. One night I was working late and invited to a red carpet and I wanted to go. I needed an outfit and I spotted that thing. I put it on. IT FIT and I wore it to my red carpet. Mayte, don’t be [ticked] with me, but there are pictures all over the place of me in this outfit.

“We have several pairs of his shoes that are zippered and have the emblem tag hanging from the zipper, as well as the slides underneath the shoes.”


“Dainty foot that he is, he’s like a 7½. I actually tried on the shoe and he had slides put on them so he could slide across the stage,” said Dominique.

The slides are an interesting showbiz-insider detail, but because Prince is diminutive and has not always been at peace about his height, I wanted to know if his shoes had lifts.

“They are like high heels, three or four inches. I don’t think the platform part is stacked, but he’s got these metal slides underneath which are very cool. He [wore] the heck out of those things. Those shoes get beat to heck on stage and they all match the outfits. With the gold outfit there are gold shoes, with the white outfit there are satin white shoes. Everything is handmade and designed for him.”

In what the store hopes is a coming attraction, Dominique said, “I can tell you that we’re working very hard on getting his wedding outfit. I’ve seen Mayte’s wedding dress and we are working at getting the set. Also, he has a gold ear cuff, handmade, he wears. I’m going to guess he probably doesn’t have pierced ears, but he wears this very elaborate thing that wraps from the top to the bottom of his ears, like an [earpiece].”

You can see some Prince gear on the pawnshop’s website www.thedina­, where a little $75,000 Michael Jackson military style jacket captured my eye but won’t collar any of my money.


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