The King of Rock & Roll got Rusty Gatenby through his Saturday marriage ceremony with Jennifer Vock without any blubbering.

I reached Gatenby by phone Monday as he and his new wife, the techie and COO of “The Rusty Gatenby Review,” were about to catch a flight from Vegas to their Cancun honeymoon.

Being married by “Elvis” at the Viva Las Vegas Chapel “was a perfect mix of super shtick and romance. I had a feel for how I wanted it to go. I had expectations, being a guy who’s in the show business industry, but it went even better. It was a home run.

“I did not cry this time,” said Gatenby, a reference to how he blubbered when he proposed to Vock in July. “Every time I got choked up, I would only have to look at Elvis and then I would start laughing. So that was also perfect. And my buddy Steve Levitan, creator and five-time Emmy winner [for ABC’s] ‘Modern Family,’ was there.”

Gatenby said his college pal was the highest-profile celebrity present “besides Elvis.”

Also present for the newlyweds’ big day were: Laurie Vock (mother of the bride), Krystal-or-is-it-Kristel Marsh (cousin of the bride) and her husband, Travis Marsh, Scott Tucker, Steve Thompson, Holly Klug, Julie Christiansen, Trish Caffes and Sandy Martin. I cut and pasted these names from an e-mail Gatenby sent me, so if any are misspelled …

Gatenby said he has posted wedding photos on his Facebook page. Additional photos, and dare I speculate video, will be attached to when they return from the honeymoon — or during the honeymoon if I know the new Mrs.



Jacobs-Gatenby rift is healed

Oh yeah, the Rusty Gatenby-Melinda Jacobs feud has ended.

Without revisiting the gory details, they worked together on “The Rusty Gatenby Review with Melinda Jacobs” entertainment project, his first big splash after his departure from KSTP-TV. Then they split.

Jacobs told me last week that she and Rusty had made up, noting that he was the bigger of the two.

“We were at the Golden Globes charity event and I was like, ‘Screw it, life’s too short,’ ” Gatenby said. He approached Jacobs and they put their creative differences behind them.

Jacobs also really hates lingering unpleasantness. But maybe peace reigns because being a man in love changes your perspective?

“That’s it!” said Gatenby.


Tiger surprises Vonn

It sounds as though Lindsey Vonn wasn’t expecting a Tiger sighting in Italy.

The Olympic gold medal skier from Burnsville became the most successful World Cup women’s champion Monday, winning a record 63 victories.

“No way!” ESPN quoted Vonn as exclaiming when she saw a man in a mask with a skull design, Tiger Woods’ apparent disguise of choice, made even more effective by a hood and dark glasses. “He loves that stupid mask,” Vonn told ESPN. “It was an amazing surprise. I’m so happy that he’s here. … Everyone important to me is here — my mom and dad and my sister and Tiger.”

Vonn told ESPN Woods had watched Sunday’s super-G victory where she tied the record over the Internet from his home in Florida. So she was surprised by his quick arrival in Europe for her record-setting run.

Ahh, he’s Tiger Woods. He can fly wherever he wants, Ms. Vonn.

Woods’ presence for this milestone in Vonn’s career is great news for this romance. Remember when he was too busy preparing for a golf tournament to attend another one of her post-serious-knee-injury races?

And it was a big family affair, including her mom, Lindy Lund, who was in Europe for the first time because she previously couldn’t afford such an expense, according to AP, and Vonn’s dad Alan Kildow, who was estranged from Lindsey during her marriage to former skier Thomas Vonn.

The warmth of victory and family stuff has me more confident than ever that Vonn and Woods are inching closer to an engagement, a marriage and the production of some elite little athletes.


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