Most marriages go through serious downs, even peace seeker Joan Steffend’s 27-year union to Moving Pictures producer Joe Brandmeier.

Sweet Joe’s and even sweeter Joan’s marriage is still chuggin’ toward death-us-do-part land because of these words.

“She just kind of looked at me before we went our separate ways and said, We are ultimately better together than we are apart, as only Joan can say it because of her magical voice,” Brandmeier told me. “I agreed with her. From that point on it was a whole new perspective. ‘Why are we better? Why did we stay together? How do people last 74 years?’ ”

To flesh out those questions, Brandmeier is making “I Do?,” which he is calling “a lighthearted documentary about the ‘crazy’ concept of marriage.” Here’s a sample: Brandmeier is gathering more stories and talking to a producer in L.A. about getting a wider audience. I wanted to know if he consulted Steffend about this unusual take on the media personality proctological exam. Steffend is a well-known Twin Cities personality who had a lot of HGTV success. She named her nonprofit Peace Begins with Me.

“One of the things that’s driving this is, as you know, in marriages everybody has their ups and downs. When we hit that one, I guess, weak spot in our marriage … I think it was year 19, [he was ready to exit].” Their turning point inspired him to consider a larger story. “It intrigued me enough where she finally went, Hey, you’re driving me nuts. Just start the documentary.”

I am surprised that Joan of the Mellifluous Vocal Cords isn’t the narrator. “She said I should be the lead in it because it’s my curiosity, my interest, my thing,” he said. “So I drove all over the country, talking to all kinds of different couples. It’s just been a blast. Who knows where it’s going to be broadcast? Coming to a theater near you? It’s still in the early stages so I’m playing by saying that.”

Marriage is not rocket science; it’s about commitment. But that’s not the hard line on remarriage that Brandmeier is trying to get me to add to his documentary.


Not ‘Enough Said’ yet

Fox 9 has brought back “Enough Said” at 9:30 p.m. Fridays, starring purveyors of verbosity Dan Barreiro and his agent/attorney Ron Rosenbaum.

Barreiro is host of KFAN’s “Bumper to Bumper” and Rosenbaum is “Holding Court” on the Tom Barnard Podcast Network.

I’m in negotiations with Fox Network in NYC over a concept for a Q&A I’d like to do with these guys, who are biting off the style of ESPN’s Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon.

Speaking of whom, Kornheiser said the Wolves’ Kevin Garnett has been known as a “dirty player” but he still won’t be fined for what looked like the clotheslining of the Pelicans’ Ryan Anderson. Amazingly, Anderson was called for a foul after his neck got in KG’s way in this video:


Taking a shot at St. Paul cop

That St. Paul police officer with the delightful perspective on protecting and serving got the Larry Wilmore treatment on Comedy Central’s “Nightly Show.”

Wilmore said, “Not only is this horrible. It also gives away the plot to Shonda Rhimes’ new drama ‘How To Get Away With Running Over Black People.’ She’s going to be really upset about that.”

Wilmore opened the segment by announcing: “And now from the epicenter of black culture, St. Paul, Minnesota,” leading to a clip of Fox 9 anchor Kelcey Carlson telling the sorry story of Sgt. Jeff Rothecker. On Facebook, Rothecker recommended running over those Black Lives Matter protesters who were blocking traffic during the Martin Luther King Jr. Day rally.

“I know what you’re thinking,” Wil­more told viewers. “Minnesota? That sounds like some Deep South-style racism. Usually Midwestern racism is more ‘Oh, geez. You’re black? [Audience laughter] OK. All right. Just going to lock my car door here.’ ”

Wilmore interviewed a character straight outta “Fargo.” The brilliant satire about the “uppity blacks who won’t stop yapping” went places you can see for yourself at:


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