When Richard Moody isn’t working as a Delta cabin manager on international flights, he’s busy connecting.

He is a passionate connector of people for all reasons, but especially for philanthropic ends. His Humble Slice organization springs into action when called: “Somebody needed money for camp. We helped a young man who needed a DJ table. Now we are helping the Community Center with a June 17 men’s clothing drive.” Moody’s Holiday Party — “This will be the 27th year,” he said — supports “Humble Slice, the Hallie Brown Center and Horizon Youth Program, part of the Sabathani Community Center.”

But man (and what a character this one is) cannot live by good deeds alone. Moody threw himself a “SexySixty” (or was it “SixtySexy?”) birthday party in March for 35 special guests who enjoyed a seven-course meal at coup d’état; 100 more attended an after party. The connecting took place in the shadow of a baby portrait of Moody that’ll make you say Awwww if you watch my video.


Q: Do you have advice for people who want to network in these cities? You seem to know everyone in the Twin Cities.

A: No. But I’ve met a lot of people because I’m a good, honest, black man. All my friends only know about five black people, so I get hired and called in a lot. To network: Show up, be respectful, polite and persistent. [Smile]


Q: You spend a lot of time with the local fashion designers, boutiques, models and etc. What’s something everyone should know about fashion in the Twin Cities?

A: Don’t wear 5-inch heels. Wear clear deodorant. Do not wear patchouli, opium or any other crazy strong scent. And have your nails clean.


Q: What are your regrets?

A: I’m 60 and single, but I’m sexy and single.


Q: Little-known fact, I think, you had a fiancée?

A: Yes, I did have a fiancée.


Q: What was that about, Richard?

A: You know you’re transitioning. I’m still a bisexual and sexual. I’m still out there.


Q: How many times as a Delta attendant have you caught someone being initiated into the Mile High Club?

A: Probably about 14 times. I used to fly to Sydney, Australia, 15 hours and 55 minutes. They would get a little lonely.


Q: Do you plan to stay with Delta as long as the late Bob Reardon? (Moody’s been airborne since April 13, 1981.)

A: Bless Bob Reardon’s heart. ... He left Delta at 90. I’m 60. I probably will do it another six years. I want to venture out and do things at the cabin Up North, and do more charity things.


Q: Why aren’t you self-conscious about writing words like “SexySixty.”

A: Because I look like me. Either way: SexySixty, SixtySexy, I’ve still got a six-pack. Splash!


Q: What percentage of the time do you personify your surname? In other words how often are you Moody?

A: It’s probably 50/50. Depending on where I’m going and what the mood is and how people perceive me; whether I’ll be really sweet or really nice.


Q: What does quiet, pensive Richard do? What are you like when you are not running your mouth?

A: I’m up at the cabin tending to 10 acres, hanging in the boat, kayaking, doing the stand-up paddle board, hanging with the neighbors, grilling, reading, watching a lot of movies, Sci-Fi — I love “Underworld.”


Q: What’s the first thing you want to make sure is just right when planning a party?

A: The guest list. Making sure they are the right people. I have a wonderful team that works with me. And then the seating chart. I want to make sure all the right people are sitting next to each other and they all talk.


Q: For what contributions do you want be remembered in this community?

A: I think what I would like to be remembered for is that it takes a village. We say yes because no is not an option and that we all work together. People know that they can call me and I’m going to network and get everyone together. At the end of it we all know each other. My role is that I’m the connector.


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