“Good Wife” star Alan Cumming has got a PETA-related beef (make that tofu beef) with Dairy Queen.

The Edina-based company is due to receive a letter from Cumming urging Dairy Queen “to offer nondairy items like TCBY, Ben & Jerry’s and other chains,” said my buddy Dan Mathews, senior veep at PETA.

Cumming, who once spent time in Minnesota shooting “Sweet Land,” was traveling Wednesday and unavailable before my deadline.

“Given the increased global demand from people who suffer from dairy allergies and lactose intolerance as well as those concerned about their health, the environment, and animal welfare, it’s no surprise that the dairy alternatives market is expected to reach $19.5 billion in value by 2020,” Cumming’s letter will read, Mathews tells me.

“Alan, who just wrapped the final season of CBS’ ‘The Good Wife,’ is not only a letter-writer,” said Mathews. “This summer he stars in PETA’s ‘Not A Dairy Queen’ campaign, involving ads and outreach at gay pride events across the country.”

Dairy Queen’s associate veep of ­communications Dean Peters didn’t know what to say about this Wednesday.

“You can certainly say that I’m speechless,” Peters said with a laugh. “Well, C.J., obviously our name is Dairy Queen. Our millions of fans love our products. If there was a demand, this is the first I’ve heard of this — that they would like us as a brand to offer nondairy products. … I think our millions of fans would be disappointed.”

Then Peters had one more question: “Would you go into a Dairy Queen store and try vegan soft-serve items?”

If DQ machines were pumping out a product like Sharon’s Coconut Sorbet, I certainly would. That sorbet is so creamy and delicious it just has to be bad for you — even though it’s vegan according to veganamericanprincess.com.

“Interesting,” said Peters, who said he’ll have to check it out.

No swing-along for Fancy Ray

There are reportedly fringe benefits to being a performing comedian at Swing Stock.

“It’s a big thing. They’ve been on the Playboy channel. It was an international swingers campground, near Sandstone,” said Fancy Ray.

To make sure we were on the same page, I asked if this meant swingers as in people who swap spouses or partners.

“Yep,” said the man who bills himself as “The Best Looking Man in Comedy.” “I headlined and that was fantastic. I got propositioned a few times that night.”

Really, or he is just saying this? “No, no, no. Absolutely,” said Fancy Ray. “I was telling my brother and he said, ‘And you didn’t do anything?’

“Performing is like an hourlong workout for me, sweating and moving around the stage,” said Fancy Ray. “It’s not like at the point I’m wanting to go get busy.”

Praise for Diamond Reynolds

A civil rights star may have been born during the tragic shooting death of Philando Castile, beloved J.J. Hill Montessori School lunchroom supervisor. The composure of Castile’s girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, during the police stop that ended with Castile bleeding to death has received accolades from celebrities.

Common the rapper, not the KFAN talent, paid tribute to Reynolds at the VH1 Hip Hop Honors: “I’m also talking about everyday women, women like Diamond Reynolds, who filmed the police killing her fiancé; who tried to calmly de-escalate the deadly situation.”

Moviemaker Spike Lee was on a TV news show almost speechless while shaking his head over her composure.

After playing the portion of Reynolds’ video where she freaks out briefly and then is consoled by her 4-year-old in a police car, MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell said: “There is so much strength and bravery in that video and none of it from the police. A 4-year-old girl had to grow up fast yesterday and find the strength to comfort her grieving mother in the middle of a police shooting. Four years old. ‘It’s OK, mommy, it’s OK. I’m here with you.’ ”

I will not be surprised to see Reynolds’ communication skills put to use by Common or Lee — not that she wouldn’t give up all this attention to have her boyfriend alive.


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