All right, all right, all right! Matthew McConaughey was walking the streets of Minneapolis last week.

Wednesday I received an e-mail from Kendall Anderson, a teacher at Emerson Spanish Immersion Learning Center, who reported seeing McConaughey while she was taking fourth-graders into Orchestra Hall for the "Swingin' Nutcracker." Her eyes locked with the Oscar winner's walking down 11th Street, but she was able to maintain her cool.

"At first I thought he was just a good-looking guy bundled up in a coat and white winter hat, but then as he came closer and we made eye contact, and I said, 'Hi,' I realized who it was," wrote Anderson. "He was smiling at the scene of our kids and then he said Hi and I started to say 'Are you …?' and he nodded and said yes with a smile and walked on by [as] I turned around and watched him walk away, alone."

By telephone, Anderson told me, "The way he said "Yep" was just exactly the way you would think he would answer. His personality comes across that way. I watched him cross Nicollet Mall. I wanted to go and chase him and touch him," she laughed at herself. "But I had my fourth-graders there. I had to be getting them into Orchestra Hall for a field trip. It was a funny thing, because in that moment I kind of forgot I was a teacher."

To say nothing of a pregnant mother, who, along with her husband, is planning for the arrival of twins next year.

She had a witness to her sighting of "the fabulously handsome, charismatic actor," as her e-mail said. "One of the parents of one of the kids saw him too, so I knew I wasn't crazy."

McConaughey's delight at the sight of schoolchildren is consistent with his retired playboy image; he has become a devoted father of three and the husband of the stunning Brazilian-born model and designer Camila Alves. A source of mine was told that Alves was probably why McConaughey was in town. Don't know if this is the reason, but according to a 2014 article, Alves has a partnership with Target. Monday I tweeted Target spokester Dustee Jenkins asking to confirm if Alves had meetings at Target. Jenkins did not get back to me but spokester Lee Henderson did: "Saw your tweet to Dustee about Camila. We don't have anything to share. Let me know if you need anything else. Always here to help if I can."

Ah, a yes or no would have helped.

Fortunately, Anderson had a few more helpful tidbits. She joined me in working the sighting like the newspaper reporter she once was, because her teaching colleagues kept asking if she had found out why McConaughey was here. "When I went back to school, we had a meeting and a lot of the female teachers were very envious and they were like, 'Why didn't I go on that field trip?' " said Anderson.

A reporter for 10 years with the Dallas Morning News (her tenure overlapped with that of former Strib exec Duchesne Drew, now of the Bush Foundation), Anderson said she told herself, "OK, I'm a journalist. I should be able to figure this out.' "

Anderson concluded that McConaughey was in town doing work connected to his foundation, until I offered the Target possibility.

Looking for the 'me' in AP

A former NFL coach said Adrian Peterson used the wrong two-letter pronoun while explaining the Vikings' embarrassing loss to the Seahawks.

"He never said 'ME!' " yelled Herm Edwards Monday on ESPN, where he's an analyst. "He said, 'We got out-coached.' When the game's over you can say, 'I didn't run very well. I didn't get enough attempts.' When you start looking at the team as a head coach; that's not your job."

After this debacle, former NFL beat writer Sean Jensen was on WCCO-TV's "Rosen's Sports Sunday" explaining why he thought Peterson had outspoken: "To say AP said we were out-coached is a bit misleading. It was a leading question, I think, and Adrian wasn't quite smart enough to have tempered it a bit. The question was 'Were you out-coached?' I listened to the interview and Adrian said there were elements of being out-coached but as players we were also outplayed."

Mark Rosen noted, "even the coach admitted we got out-coached."

Hey, we were out-EVERYTHINGED by the Seahawks.

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