WCCO-TV anchor Angela Davis' 20th wedding anniversary and vow renewal ceremony was something of a do over for her, if not her husband.

It was important that they return to Jamaica for this milestone because the first time Davis married Duchesne Drew, a Bush Foundation exec and former Star Tribune manager, a terrible storm destroyed plans for a beachfront ceremony in Montego Bay.

"Torrential rain and heavy wind," Davis said Tuesday. "So much that it knocked out the power at the resort the night before our noon wedding. It was still wet and windy and raining a little bit so they moved everything indoors into a restaurant. I got married in front of a window that faced the beach; looked out onto the beach and storm clouds. I cried that entire day. It was just really upsetting to me because I had this dream of what I wanted my wedding to be on the beach … which now looking back was very silly."

Yes, it was. Davis laughed and noted, "Duchesne never cared at all and I was undone on my wedding day. I always wanted to redo it, a second chance to have a beach wedding. We never went back in that 20 years."

This time, on Martin Luther King Day, Davis got her beach wedding. "In the pictures I am absolutely giddy. I really was that whole day; happy for a lot of reasons. Happy our kids were there to be part of it. Charlotte, 12, was my bridesmaid. Kevin, who's 14, was Duchesne's groomsman and the ring bearer. We exchanged the same rings; I'm not a jewelry person."

The rings, however, did not slide on with the same ease they did 20 years ago.

"It was funny. It was an all-inclusive. As we were eating at the buffet every day for a few days, both of our fingers were swollen from all the salt in the food," Davis guffawed. "We both kind of struggled to get our rings on.

"We hired a steel drum band to play music to play Bob Marley's "Is This Love?" Peeking through the bushes I could see my family, family from New Jersey, relatives from Virginia, friends from college, friends from Minnesota. I could hear the music and I was just giddy. I literally skipped down the aisle. I was just like insane, like I'd had my first kiss."

From the couple's expressions, there was smoochin', as they are fond of saying in Jamaica. He looks like he likes her. "I hope so," she said. "He's truly my best friend."

The day "was just one of those moments. There's a picture where I'm just staring at the sun and just happy. I think when you work in news, you see every day how in moments people's lives can change, often not for the better. So I do live with a sense of gratitude for good health and for peace. My marriage and my family are obviously very important to me. We spend so much time working, working, working and going through routines that we have to be purposeful and create times to celebrate those relationships that mean a lot. It was really fun. We're just thankful to each other for being the people we hoped we'd be. We still like each other and are nice to each other."

Enjoy 40 more like that.

Mamba takes down TK & Wolves

Now it's Kevin Garnett's turn to shut up "Pardon the Interruption" co-host Tony Kornheiser when the old man of Timberwolves plays again after his leg injury heals.

Kornheiser and co-host Mike Wilbon debated Tuesday whether the Wolves or the Lakers would suffer more if K.G. and Kobe Bryant didn't play the game in Los Angeles.

"If Garnett and Kobe both sit, fans are rewarded 'cause they don't have to watch them anymore. They can't play anymore," Kornheiser teed off on the fading stars. "Amazingly, the Timberwolves [are a] bad team, they're even much worse without Garnett. Kobe's not helping [a lick]. I love Kobe. Mamba stop!"

Wilbon yelled, "Don't tell me [as] a worshiper of stars your whole career that if you plunked down your money and you went in that arena and Garnett and Kobe are sitting you would turn around and walk out?" A debate ensued about which one of them was the bigger star worshiper.

Bryant got the last laugh, dropping a season high 38 on the Wolves in a 119-115 Lakers win.

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