KARE 11’s promotions department won’t have to do a bit of PR for new meteorologist Jeff Edmondson with his dad roaming the metro.

Bobby Edmondson was at the “6th Annual Dancing With the Twin Cities Celebrities Charity Ball” Saturday, supporting broadcaster Mike Woodley, when he stopped me to talk about his son. Had a thought bubble been over my head it would have read: Who’s Jeff Edmondson? His dad seems extremely excited about him. I didn’t really hear what was being said in the noisy Marriott ballroom until the words “meteorologist” and “You broke the story about my son” rose above the din. “I’m in the media world, but you don’t know me,” said the elder Edmondson, who wanted to share his son’s special status. “He’s Cherokee Indian and [black] — his mom’s from Birmingham, Ala., and I’m from northern Minnesota — French-Canadian, Polish and German. I did a little research and my son is the first person of color to be an accredited meteorologist doing the weather on any TV station in the Twin Cities.”

That can’t be right. Former KSTP-TV meteorologist Chikage Windler, who is half Japanese, once was one of the most diverse people near a metro weather map. I asked Star Tribune chief meteorologist Paul Douglas if there’d ever been a black meteorologist in the Twin Cities. “I can’t think of one, although we had a meteorologist for WeatherNation, Addison Green, when WeatherNation was still on KARE11’s second channel.

“I know Jeff and think highly of him,” he said. “Kudos to KARE for doing that. It was the right call.”

The man who called himself “Bobby the Voice Edmondson,” thinks so, too. The Voice, who said he does voice-over work and had a role in “One Song,” a movie shot in Excelsior and still in production, is no longer married to Jeff’s mom, Glinda. “She was a flight attendant,” he said. That meant Glinda was good-looking, I’m assuming. “Right, she was gorgeous,” said elder Edmondson, who realizes gorgeous Jeff doesn’t look like him. “I’m Fred Flintstone; she was Wilma,” he laughed.

“He is to me the perfect child. To me,” proud papa said. “He was known as ‘Weatherman Jeff’ at Minnetonka High School. It goes all the way back to his fifth-grade yearbook at Minnewashta Elementary. He put in his yearbook, ‘I want to be a meteorologist when I grow up.’ Then he went to Iowa State and studied meteorology. Got an internship at Channel 9 with Ian Leonard and Keith Marler. He went to Duluth, then out to WAVY in Norfolk, Va., and now he’s back at KARE 11 on the weather team with Belinda Jensen.”

And dad could not be happier.


Will KG dump the ’tude?

My “Pardon the Interruption” boys on ESPN really liked that chatter, apparently started by Timberwolves coach Flip Saunders, about Kevin Garnett dethroning cellphone users.

“The Pioneer Press reports that if your boy Kevin Garnett sees [teammates] on Smartphones in the locker room before a game, he will throw them in the toilet. Is that really appropriate?” Tony Kornheiser asked. Mike Wilbon added, “There are current T-wolves who’ve said they are afraid of Garnett joining their team. Good. ’Cause it’s for all the right reasons.”

Ahh, Wilbon is wrong. Garnett would be wise to avoid gestures that make him look like a cross between Richie Incognito and Naomi Campbell.


Fox 9 savors soup-er sweeps

Fox 9 had a “Soup Party” Wednesday to celebrate sweeping the February Sweeps in the morning.

“In February we were No. 1 in all of the morning time periods starting at 4:30 a.m. all the way to 10 a.m. in adults 25-54,” GM Sheila Oliver said Wednesday. “You asked me if this has ever happened before. We went back and looked and since January of [2014] a little over a year ago, no station has been No. 1 in all of these day parts, all of these time periods, except for Fox 9.”

At the party, Oliver came over to say we hadn’t met yet. I think I did something mortifying, in retrospect, when I kind of fist-bumped her. I would not normally do that to my new big boss at the TV station, as big a germ freak as I am.


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