Some of the best tweets about Sunday’s carnage in Charlotte, where Panthers feasted on Cardinals during the NFC Championship, came from tweets by Marcus Fitzgerald, brother of Arizona wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald Jr.

But the spicy remarks of Twitter’s @ProfessorMFitz, as little brother calls himself there, have disappeared.

Luckily, I made snapshots of them.

Carson Palmer had a ghastly game fraught with accuracy issues; Fox analysts speculated the Cardinals QB’s finger injury was not 100 percent healed.

“Throwing the game away. Literally,” tweeted @ProfessorMFitz.

@LatinaWatson told MFitz “ … lol … you can’t even get in trouble for this post. Just reporting the facts. #smh.” At one point @ebarsenal interacted with the younger Fitz by asking “@ProfessorMFitz you could step in at qb, right?”

Poor Palmer was so bad I thought they should have tried a few more trick plays where wide receiver Fitz played QB and threw passes, even though his one attempt missed the mark.

MFitz also tweeted, “Get him out of the game. Not now, but right now.” I assume MFitz meant Palmer.

While those tweets disappeared, this one remained: “Carson can’t throw away the ball in the redzone. Pat P has to score on that interception return. We MUST put the ball in Larry’s hands, 24/7.” After the debacle was over he tweeted, “Ready to fall asleep on this long flight back to AZ. Yesterday seemed like a blur. Glad to see my bro healthy after long season though.”

Last time I discussed Twitter with Marcus, he told me he handles his own Twitter account. On Monday, via Twitter, I asked MFitz if he had deleted some spicy tweets. He’s been quieter than that team flight from NC to AZ.

My guess is that his Larry Jr. or somebody asked him to remove tweets that might create discomfort around the Cardinals locker room, even though MFitz’s quips were right.

In the postgame news conference Larry Fitzgerald Jr. never looked up at the camera in the clip I saw on ESPN, and made nasal-clearing sounds.

“Like I said, we worked hard, man. It hurts to lose like this in this fashion. [Sniffling sound.] I love my teammates, man, they fought all year through a lot of adversity. Really proud to be here; obviously didn’t want it to end this way [sniffling sound],” said the shoo-in for the Hall of Fame and I’m guessing coach in the NFL someday.


Another AP fumble

The light bulb went on inside Adrian Peterson’s head at least once when he was talking to Sports Illustrated’s Greg Bishop.

Peterson gave SI extraordinary access to his private life for the recent cover story. described the piece as an attempt by the mag to redeem AP for “whipping his child with a tree branch.”

Peterson comes off in many passages as still not getting it, but he seemed to realize he was sticking a muddy cleat in his mouth with his response to what former Viking Cris Carter had to say about AP whuppin’ his 4-year-old severely.

After AP stressed that there are not many fathers better than he is, Bishop wrote, “[Peterson] stops. Sighs. ‘Cris Carter had so much to say. In that stage, if I [had] seen Cris Carter, I probably would have slapped the taste out of his mouth. I wouldn’t have done it. But I wanted to,’ ” wrote Bishop, who noted, “Another pause, as if Peterson realizes how this sounds.”

Bravo. The NFL star with the crushing handshake, who pleaded no contest to a reduced charge of reckless assault of his son, should never be quoted about the violence he imagines — even with somebody his size.

No lumens flickered when he complained about his meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. “ ‘What is a whuppin?’ was one of the first questions. This is when I knew he was blind to the fact of what I was going through.”

Oh dear. It’s still not about what Peterson experienced but the situation his behavior created.

“Peterson scoffs at the notion of redemption, because he doesn’t think there’s anything for him to redeem,” wrote Bishop of the whuppin’ culture.


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