KARE 11’s Rena Sarigianopoulos has a baby on board. Dec. 2 is the due date for the “Breaking the News” anchor. “We are over the moon,” said Sarigianopoulos on behalf of herself and husband-of-one-year Scott, a salesman at Morrie’s Luxury Auto.

Grandparents are on board, too: “This is my mom’s first!” As for Scott’s parents, “I won the in-laws lottery,” Sarigianopoulos said. “They have three grandchildren, but they are just as excited to add a fourth. They are super excited.”

Sarigianopoulos has been looking different for about month, so I finally asked. “I’m still not in maternity pants, so I don’t know how you noticed, ” she said laughing. “I can tell you we don’t plan to find out if it’s a boy or a girl.”

Is Sarigianopoulos going to be in the child’s name? “No,” she said. “I won’t do that to that poor kid.” I suggested Sarg as a good name for a boy. She groaned.

Buzzing with baby news

In other TV baby news, “Fox 9 Buzz” anchor Kelly O’Connell and her husband, Fred, are expecting a baby in November. They just moved out of, I believe it was her parents’ house, and into their own residence. So hmmm.

WCCO-TV’s Natalie Nyhus is expecting a baby in the fall with her husband, Peder. “The countdown is on,” said Nyhus, whose baby’s due date is Oct. 1. “The first three months were a little rough. The thing that makes it really rough is you can’t tell anyone at that point. Months four, five and six were glorious. I’m at month seven, feeling a little more tired but still kind of blissfully happy.”

I’m sure Natalie’s and Peder’s baby will be a “Best of Minnesota” winner.

In baby arrival news, I have an upcoming interview with KARE 11 weekend anchor Camille Williams and her “Sunrise” anchor husband, Cory Hepola, who recently welcomed twins. I had a charming time with Williams and Hepola, whom I informed before the interview that I wanted to hold a baby. Hepola — yes, I really like him now; he’s very sweet — made sure I held both babies.

‘My’ Gyropolis named the ‘Best’

Natalie Nyhus told me I sent her a photo of the spot that won “Best Gyro” in her “Best of Minnesota” segment.

“It diiiiiid! Your Gyropolis,” said Nyhus.

The Bloomington spot is not actually mine, but I’m a regular. I snapped a photo and tweeted her one Saturday when I was at Tandy Leather. “They were nominated by a lot of people” she said.

All of the food is terrific, but the gyros are something else; the spicy ones live up to the billing. My lone beef with Gyropolis is the guy who handles the money touching the napkins put in my bag. Not even my telling him not to do that or dramatically getting other napkins has ended the behavior.

“Oh, yeah, yeah. That can be a cringer for sure,” Nyhus laughed.

Hatchett says it’s a privilege

Ran into TV’s Judge Hatchett on Marquette Avenue on Wednesday, the day after she gave a spate of local interviews as the attorney for Philando Castile’s family.

I told the attorney known to the IRS as Glenda Hatchett how upsetting the fatal shooting of Castile by a St. Anthony police officer continues to be for me and so many others. Hatchett is glad to be of service.

“I count it a privilege. If I didn’t feel so passionately about this, I wouldn’t be here,” said Hatchett, whose law firm is based in Atlanta. “We have a man who was fully employed, who had no felony record. He was not combative with police, he had a registration for his gun, he had a valid driver’s license. He wasn’t fleeing, he wasn’t trying to pull the officer’s gun. He was doing everything right. If he dies under these circumstances and we are silent, nothing will change.”

A mother of two young sons, Hatchett told me, “When I saw Mrs. [Valerie] Castile, I took her into my arms not as Judge Hatchett [but] as one mother to another.” The “Judge Hatchett” show has ended but is still seen in reruns.

Black mothers often feel a bond when another’s son is shot by police. Sheletta Brundidge told me as I was writing Tuesday’s column about her son Andrew, 9, writing a letter to Gov. Mark Dayton: “Whenever a black man is shot I always wonder, ‘Where is his mother?’ As black mothers, all we can do is pray over our sons and hope they have embraced the lessons we taught them.”


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