“There is far too much murmuring about the ring,” NYC attorney Ted Nikolis said drolly, adding, “The next time I come to Minnesota I will wear the ring.”

Nikolis, newly married to Fox News Channel’s chief religion correspondent Lauren Green, personally eschews traveling with jewelry.

“I never knew that,” said Green, who is wearing a massive ring without which I doubt she’ll ever travel.

In May, Green and Nikolis had a Big Fat Greek Orthodox Cathedral Wedding in NYC, where the officiant reportedly dwelled on the being fruitful and multiplying part of the ceremony. They are not 20-somethings, so they probably are not going to have children. However, Nikolis said it’ll be “easier for us than others” when Green was reading a card of congratulations (or was it a book with tips?) on staying married for life.

Green and Nikolis had a “Happily Ever After Party” Saturday that was combined with a couple of family birthdays, at the home of her sister and brother-in-law Lois and Ron Porter, who have a lovely, rolling Rogers estate on which they planted every tree and plant. The party’s start-end time was stated as “2 p.m. to ?” I clearly enjoyed myself because I left when the people wearing the “Bride” and “Groom” baseball caps did and arrived home at the questionable time of 12:30 a.m. Sunday.

It was at the kind of after-party that began outside at a rather enormous fire pit, before we decided to diminish the degree of our mosquito-biting appeal by going inside, that I noticed Nikolis’ naked ring fingers. Greeks’ rings are first put on their right hands and they can move them to the left, if they choose, I was told. Based on his playful response, I assume I was not the first to make such an inquiry of the thoroughly charming, cuter version of the late Peter Sellers.

Green’s mother, Bessie Green, a 90-something, was wearing skinny jeans. She has the body for them and the common sense not to wear a pair so constricting that you wind up in the hospital.

I always tease Mrs. Green about being at the casino all the time, because once a long time ago I ran into her while covering a celebrity appearance at a local gambling spot. She described her casino outings as “donating” opportunities and said she actually spends more time socializing, talking to other donors, than slipping coins into slots. She also had some pretty wry comments, and eye rolls when the subject of Lauren and Ted having children was raised.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that I butchered the “Newlywed Game” format by playing a version of the TV show with the couple before an enthusiastic studio audience made up of party guests. Will alert when this Q & A runs.

Nikolis’ big concern before agreeing to take part in the game was much the same as his new attitude about traveling with his ring — he just didn’t want any trouble.

It doesn’t sound like Indianapolis

Terry Lewis is also tired of Minneapolis being pronounced as if it’s Indianapolis.

Lewis and his Flyte Tyme Studio music producing partner Jimmy Jam were on the BET stage Sunday night ahead of Janet Jackson, who received the “Ultimate Icon Award.” You’ll remember they produced Jackson albums when their studio was located in Edina.

“I want to get started first by saying we are only as tall as the shoulders we stand on and before I can do anything else tonight, I have to give all respect to Smokey Robinson and Berry Gordy. Thank you for showing us the way. Let’s get started. A long time ago in a land far away called Minneapolis,” said Lewis in unison with Jam. “Some of ya’ll call it Minneanapolis, that’s not right,” Lewis noted. “Minneapolis,” Lewis again said along with Jam. “We began a fantastic journey with a friend we celebrate tonight,” said Lewis. “She came to us a young woman, with a lot to say and, boy, did she say it. And she is Miss Janet Jackson.”

Thank you, Terry Lewis. Bravo. I don’t know why people put an A-N in Minneapolis, which is so annoying.


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