Fox 9 meteorologist Ian Leonard went to social media Tuesday to thank all the people who have helped him since the 2013 concussion that sent him into a dark room for eight weeks.

Two years ago Leonard was reliving his days as a pretty good soccer player in Canada by participating in a Minnesota United Fantasy Camp charity game. An elbow caught Leonard in the face, breaking his nose and causing a concussion whose symptoms persist. Leonard had to relearn how to navigate stairs, according to an interview anchor Jeff Passolt did.

“This is not a pity post but rather a positive look at my recovery,” Leonard wrote on his Fox 9 Facebook page and Twitter, where he wanted to respond to the numerous people who share concern about concussions. At the State Fair, there were endless questions from fans.

After exiting the dark room Leonard, wrote that he “started my road to recovery through PCS [Post Concussion Syndrome] and symptoms that continue today.” He had to relearn how to walk up and down stairs.

A TV studio is by necessity a bright environment. Leonard is coping with special eyewear that filters the light and helps his eyes focus, but he still has constant headaches.

That is why in his post, Leonard noted “in 2010 the FDA approved the use of Botox injections to help with migraines. I have decided to give it a try. Before the funny comments, the injections are into my head, not my face. I will post an update on its efficacy soon.”

Because people ask Leonard where he was treated, his post stated: “I have had great doctors … Noran Neurology, Edina Family Physicians (my great friend Dr. Dan Peterson, sports injury specialist). Also ongoing care with the National Dizzy and Balance Center in Edina; Pietila Neuro-Chiropractic and the awesome trainers in nutrition/training at Life Time Fitness. I have also had such incredible support from everyone at Fox 9, even Jeff and Randy [Meier. Smiley face emoticon]. Concussion recovery is tough without the support of family. My wife and daughters have been concussion specialists in so many ways and they continue my healing by loving me everyday.”

Now when the women in the house cry, the husband and dad joins in, as Leonard has become more emotional since the concussion. He cries so easily the folks at Special Olympics, one of his charities, have named his teary bouts: The Crying Leonards. A man who can cry is a good thing, so I hope there are more tears in Leonard’s future and lessening headaches.

Tearing into Torii

NBC Sports’ Aaron Gleeman absolutely tore up Torii Hunter on KFAN.

Wednesday on Paul Allen’s KFAN show, the man behind said he really didn’t care how good a dancer Hunter is or how great he is in the clubhouse. All Gleeman cares about is how well Hunter plays ball and Torii hasn’t been very good with a .240 BA and .293 OBP. Gleeman apparently wouldn’t extend Hunter’s one-year deal.

Noting that he wouldn’t enjoy being a beat reporter, Gleeman said he understands Hunter’s appeal among baseball writers because Hunter is an accessible quote machine.

Allen, Mr. Positivity, whose show is all “duckies and bunnies” according to KFAN’s Common Man, told Gleeman he can expect not to get a Torii. That’s an award Hunter gives other players.

Sid takes the cake, finally

Sid Harris got his wedding cake Saturday.

The owner of SR Harris Fabric Outlets has been bugging brides who shop in his stores to bring him a piece of wedding cake. A bride who had a September wedding did not follow through on her promise.

“Well, I didn’t get any wedding cake, but I got something better and it was worth the 50-year wait,” read an e-mail from Harris thanking me for writing about his popular business.

Last week I ordered a small wedding cake from Wuollet’s with roses and the names Sid and Arlene on it.

“You made me a star [by writing about me],” beamed Harris, who was several minutes realizing that I came with a gift that touched him.

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