Word is that WCCO-TV news director Scott Libin's departure was a straight-on firing.

Although the exit is being framed in other ways, staffers who just got the e-mail believe this the first step by GM Brien Kennedy, who's been on the job since June, putting his stamp on the newsroom. In the e-mail, Kennedy thanks Libin for his contributions.

This was Libin's second tour of duty with a Twin Cities TV station. He was formerly at KSTP-TV.

As you will soon see in startribune.com/video shot Friday at the roast for retiring WCCO-TV anchor Don Shelby, Libin seemed himself, calm, collected, affable. At about the 1-minute 26-second mark on the video, Libin gave me a hard time about admitting that my presence at the roast, a fundraiser for ThreeSixtyJournalism.org, was a last-minute decision.

Libin introduced me to his wife, Michelle Libin, an occupational therapist for the Apple Valley schools. Libin, the always well mannered and popular news director, can be overheard telling me, "That's an odd way to meet somebody. He was giving me a hard time for never making eye contact with his wife while shooting the video.

Kennedy has not returned my phone call. It appears as though Kennedy delayed this announcement -- don't TV stations dismiss people at the end of a week? -- so it would not be the talk of the roast for the legendary Shelby, who is retiring after 32 years.

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