Married KARE 11 staffers Camille Williams and Cory Hepola get their wish: Starting Feb. 3 they will co-anchor KARE 11’s weekend news shows (and be reporters during the week).

“We’ve always wanted to anchor together from the very beginning,” Williams said. “That’s what makes our story unique. We met in the business, we started dating in the business and got married, and it’s always been on the top of our minds. We just thought it would be so cool … I think we complement each other well. … I think Cory is a dynamic, awesome anchor and person and super fun and it really does shine through.”

Hepola: “Camille is a brilliant journalist; I’m a better person and journalist because of her. We constantly brainstorm ideas, talk TV and push each other to bring the very best out of each other. And, now we get to work on the same shows!”

Hepola, who grew up in Perham, returned to his native state in April 2015 to co-anchor “KARE 11 Sunrise,” alongside Kim Insley. Williams joined her husband at KARE 11 in October 2015 as an anchor of the weekend newscasts. In 2016, Williams and Hepola added a set of girl/boy twins to their family, which already included a son.

Comparisons with WCCO-TV’s married anchors Amelia Santaniello and Frank Vascellaro are likely to grow. “We kind of got that before we got on the same show. Everyone’s like, ‘Oh, you’re like Frank and Amelia,’ and I say, ‘No it’s Cory and Camille.’ ” She laughed while conceding the other obvious similarity: They also had an older son followed by girl/boy twins.

Williams’ current weekend co-anchor Zachery ­Lashway is going to the 11 a.m. weekday show.

We did this Q&A via e-mail:


Q: What will you be thinking that first night you co-anchor with your spouse?

A: Camille: Honestly, I can’t even imagine, right now, what it will be like to anchor next to Cory. It’s something ... I thought would never happen. I’m still in shock.

Cory: I’m sure it’ll be ­surreal that first night. This is something we’ve been dreaming about since we met 10 years ago. We’ve visualized it so many times over the years that we are ­prepared and very excited!


Q: While this coordinates your workdays, how will it change the rhythm of your home life?

A: Camille: We’ll see each other a lot more, which is exciting.

Cory: We will actually have the same days off for the first time ever so we’ll have time to catch up on “This is Us!” More family time, for which we are thankful. Right now, with Camille working weekends and myself on the mornings, we basically have a 3-hour period alone together on Friday night.


Q: Which child can you see following in your career paths?

A: Camille: I kind of hope they all become doctors: a dentist, a cardiologist or a neurologist. But if I had to pick one maybe our twin boy, Sevi. He is always “crying” for attention.

Cory: I hope they choose another field! Whatever they choose to do, they will have the love & support of their Mom and Dad.


Q: Who will be first to slip up and address your co-anchor as “Honey” or your favorite endearment?

A: Camille: Ha! Probably, Cory.

Cory: The only nickname I have for Camille is “Barbs,” which was born from an auto-correct fail (she had meant to text “Babe”). If you hear me call her “Barbs,” that’s what it means.


Q: Viewers think they are experts at reading anchor chemistry. Are you guys good at hiding your irritation with the other on air?

A: Camille: Of course! How else do you think we’ve stayed together for 10 years?

Cory: I’m from Minnesota, so Camille is a pro at deciphering my passive-aggressive tendencies.


Q: Who will get the last word at the end of newscasts?

A: Camille: I always have the last word at home but I’ll let Cory have the last word every now and then.

Cory: Camille always has to get the last word in, so … … HAHAHAHA.


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