More than 200,000 Facebookers have enjoyed Fox 9 meteorologist Cody Matz’s brush with a trespassing sign.

Matz was doing a live shot Thursday in Lake­ville after a little snow hit the metro. “You can always tell when you get that heavy, wet snow, because it covers the signs,” Matz said on “Fox 9 Morning News.” He brushed the snow off a red, diamond-shaped sign, which appeared blank before brushing the sign above it: “It says ‘No Trespassing.’ Well. I’ll just move right in front of that sign to make sure I’m not trespassing,” he said, as anchors Tom Butler and Alix Kendall laughed. “There. The sign was never there.”

When we talked Monday, Matz said, “People seem to think it was funny. I was more embarrassed than anything else. I knew I wasn’t trespassing but I was embarrassed I had uncovered a sign that made it look like I was trespassing.”

If that’s the most embarrassing visual Matz creates during a live shot, that’s not very bad. “That’s true. I try to break the law the least often that I can,” said Matz, who claims that he doesn’t even speed. “I would never do such a thing.”

That makes him an extremely model motorist and anchor, as there’s a stretch of highway near Fox 9 where state troopers famously tag early-morning anchors.

Matz, who returned to the state of his birth after working in South Dakota, previously has made other snow memories for viewers. “I made a snow angel like the first snow I was here about three years ago because I was so happy to be back in Minnesota, and somehow that just stuck,” laughed the Eagan kid. “So I end up making snow angels every time we get a snowstorm.”

Matz will never stop playing in the snow for viewers, but hopes not to repeat doing anything else that looks like trespassing.


Krause circles Bert

Surely Peter Krause knows Bert Blyleven well enough to ask the Hall of Famer to pitch him some baseballs.

The Minnesota-born actor was promoting his new ABC series “The Catch” while preparing tempura on “The Chew” when he fielded some questions, including: If you could play catch with any sports star past or present, who would it be?

“I would love to try and catch a Bert Blyleven curve ball,” said Krause, wondering aloud if any member of “The Chew” crew was a big baseball fan.

Michael Symon knew Blyleven because he played for Cleveland, the chef’s hometown, as well as Minnesota (and other teams, it should be noted).

Blyleven did not respond to my tweet asking if he’d felt the love from Krause, who also shared how he demonstrates his deep love about his son. When asked what’s one thing he does that embarrasses his son, Krause said:

“Sometimes when I drop him off at school, he’s 14 now, I will roll down the window and very loudly say: ‘I love you, honey.’ ”

From the back Krause said he can see his son move his shoulders upward to show how cringe-worthy he finds this moment.

Hey, an excuse to dust off video I shot of son Roman, Krause and his “Gilmore Girl” (at least I think she still is), Lauren Graham, in Minnesota a couple of years ago.

The “Parenthood” and “Six Feet Under” alum has a knack for picking great shows but I am not so sure about this one co-starring Mireille Enos, doing a very bad impersonation of Rene Russo’s character from “The Thomas Crown Affair.” But one would be stupid to bet against a Thursday night show produced by Shonda Rhimes.

Roberts no longer MIA at ’CCO

WCCO-TV’s morning/noon show reporter Ashley Roberts is back on the air after an absence and all is right with Twitter’s @Peg292.

Last week, Peg Lynch called my attention to Roberts’ whereabouts by tweeting: “@AshleyRobertsTV [seems] to be MIA @wcco, what’s the story morning glory?” Am told that Roberts was dealing with a personal matter.

The real morning glory, Peg, is Roberts, if you check out a “Happy Easter” illustration she posted on Twitter. I’m guessing Roberts posted that because she sees a resemblance between her face and the cartoon character with the long locks.

I think Roberts has the talent to bounce outta here for a bigger market or even the network, as soon as she tones down the stilted, rapid-fire broadcaster delivery. I liked it at first but have decided it’s jarring, and it is not how she talks in real life. Most network talents have unique styles without speaking in such a violent manner.


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