Bruce Boudreau grew up in West Toronto a devoted Maple Leafs fan entrenched in the local hockey community. The Wild first-year coach said this week “I don’t think you can get a bigger Leafs fan,” as he toured his hometown with Canada’s Sportsnet NHL insider Elliotte Friedman.

The pair drove the streets of the community Boudreau grew up in and made stops at his childhood home, the park he first skated in, and the arena he played youth hockey in.

The short video provides a nice inside look at the upbringing of the Wild coach.

“I was talking to my mom the other day and she said ‘I’m so nervous you’re coming to Toronto to play the Leafs,’ “ Boudreau explained in the video. “I said ‘Well mom, who are you going to cheer for?’ And she said ‘I don’t know yet.’ I said ‘I’m your son, you have to cheer for me.’ She said ‘Oh, the Leafs are so good this year.’

The Wild defeated the Maple Leafs 3-2 Wednesday night.

Boudreau reflects throughout the video growing up in his grandparents’ basement, spending his days skating at a nearby park, being a part of a 44-0 youth hockey season, his first major injury as a kid, and what it would mean to bring a Stanley Cup back to his hometown.

Friedman asked Boudreau “If you win a Stanley Cup in Minnesota, can you imagine bringing it back here?”

Boudreau answered “I’ve dreamt about it almost every day. When you’re a hockey guy, it’s pretty much the only thing I think about and I think it about it all the time.

“I’m so fortunate. Not many people get a chance to do what I’ve done for the last 40 years, so I count my blessings every day.”

Make sure you watch the full video for more great details: 

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