Brothers and acclaimed wildlife artists, the Hautmans of Minnesota appear in a new short film, part of Ducks Unlimited's film series on waterfowlers. The trio were followed afield on a hunt in 2017 in North Dakota.

“It’s a great feeling to see the prairie pothole region, and you see a [Waterfowl Production Area] sign with ‘purchased with duck stamp dollars.’ It really makes you feel good to know your artwork helped preserving so much land,” says Bob Hautman in the film. Artwork by the Hautman brothers (Bob, Joe and Jim) has won multiple Federal Duck Stamp Art contests. Bob Hautman won the 2017 contest, and his painting of a pair of mallards has been made into this season’s stamp. The stamp goes on sale in June.

During the film and spread amid sweeping images of prairie potholes and pristine mornings, the Hautmans talk about the confluence of their art and their shared passion for conservation.

Eric Keszler of Ducks Unlimited said the organization coincidentally uses a lot of artwork to raise money. The Hautmans were a natural choice and “such a unique story,” he said.

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