There are still legitimate reasons to wonder just how good Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater will become. I still don't know if he'll ever throw the deep out with great aplomb (though I still don't know if that's essential). And nit-pickers can still question whether Bridgewater is more game manager than game-changer.

The good news, though, is that we don't have to wonder this: if Bridgewater is primed for a sophomore slump. If you are caught up in that notion, having had the term drilled into your head for years, know that good research says it does not apply to NFL quarterbacks.

still going The AFC title game happened more than half a year ago and we're still getting daily updates on the fallout from Deflategate.

pretty steep? The Astros gave up two pretty good prospects to get two months of Scott Kazmir. The bar has been set, Twins fans.