David Klumpyan of Fond du Lac, Wis., was sitting in the concessions area of Target Field’s Legends Club on Friday night. He was wearing a replica Milwaukee Brewers jersey that carried Robin Yount’s No. 19 on the back.

“So, Yount was your favorite player from the Brewers’ glory days, not Paul Molitor,” I said.

Klumpyan shook his head slightly and said: “I did not say that. In my opinion, you guys have the best find in Major League Baseball this season with Paul Molitor as the manager.

“When there was a big game, Molitor was at his best. He was a complete player, and I mean in the clubhouse, on the field and in the community.

“He’s very baseball smart, and he’s people smart. I’m sure he has raised expectations among the Twins, without doing it in a loud way.’’

Klumpyan was in the Twin Cities to visit his son Kason’s family, including a new grandson. Kason grew up in those exciting days in County Stadium, with Yount and Molitor as future Hall of Famers.

“I was a young kid when my dad took me to the first World Series home game for the Brewers in 1982,’’ Kason said. “Cecil Cooper saw me and lifted me over the barrier. I was on the field for batting practice.’’

Justin Crist of Racine, Wis., was getting a pregame beer at a concession stand in center field. He was wearing Molitor’s No. 4 on his replica Brewers jersey.

“I’m a huge Paul Molitor fan,’’ he said. “I’m a little young for the ’82 Series, but I remember the 39-game hitting streak [in 1987]. That was big … everyone in Wisconsin waiting to see if Paul would get a hit.’’

Justin’s sister Amanda is married to Steve Ross and they live in Eagan. Amanda has turned into a Twins fan, but she has not made that transition when it comes to the Packers and the Vikings.

“We have no trouble with Molitor, a Brewer, managing the Twins,’’ Justin Crist said.

“It’s not like Brett Favre. Brett signing with the Vikings was the worst day of my life.’’

Plus Three from Patrick


AL division winners forecast at one-third mark:

EAST — New York: The team with Andrew Miller wins the East: Boston in 2013, Baltimore in 2014 and now the Yankees.

WEST — Los Angeles: Houston is going to fade and Texas can’t be for real, so the West will fall in the Angels’ lap.

CENTRAL — Kansas City: For the first time since division champs were crowned in 1995, this is the AL’s best division. Kansas City wins, with Cleveland closing fast in September.

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