Brett Favre is confident quarterback Sam Bradford can succeed in the Vikings offense. The former Vikings quarterback and Hall of Famer said on SiriusXM NFL radio Tuesday “[Bradford] is tailor-made for that type of system.”

Favre is a new addition to the channel’s panel of NFL experts this season and used his first day on the air Tuesday to address the Vikings’ shocking loss of quarterback Teddy Bridgewater and the addition of Bradford, reported.

“When the focus is on Adrian Peterson and the run game, that’s great. You can kind of transition slowly,” Favre said. “But I think it really fits what [Bradford's] style of play is. So I thought it was a good move.”

Favre also mourned for the Vikings after Bridgewater's season-ending knee injury.

“Tough, tough break for Teddy and tough break for Minnesota,” he said. “Can you overcome it? Yeah, you can overcome it, but you sure would like to have your quarterback. And, you know, I felt like Teddy was really starting to come into his own.”

Favre added that the Vikings were starting to become a “Real team, a legitimate team. And that’s just a big blow.”

Bradford is another quarterback that has battled injuries throughout his career and Favre addressed this concern by noting “There’s nothing he could have done to come back and play [right away].”

“He has been snakebit,” Favre added. “Will that happen again? I don’t know, but I think he is tough. I think he has all the tools and I think he is resilient because of what he has had to go through. And I think this system … is a perfect fit.

“I think what’s unfortunate for Teddy is a great opportunity for Sam.” 

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