It’s hard to pick the best plot line from the Packers’ decision to move up and draft QB Jordan Love in the first round of last week’s NFL draft, but this one is up there: Brett Favre, the legend whose time in Green Bay was eventually cut short by a very similar scenario when the Packers drafted Rodgers, is suddenly the world’s foremost expert on what Rodgers is going through.

It would be interesting enough if Favre was using that position merely to guess at what Rodgers is going through as it relates to his own experience. It’s even better because, as the ol’ gunslinger said in an interview with “The Rich Eisen Show” on Wednesday, he has talked to Rodgers about it already.

And: “I’m not going to talk about all that we talked about,” Favre said, before pretty much telling us all we needed to know about what they talked about. “But he was, let’s just say, surprised that they went in that direction.”

Favre said his “gut” tells him Rodgers will play for another team at some point — and his gut was surely informed, at least in part, by both his own feelings in 2005 when the Packers drafted Rodgers and by his recent conversation with Rodgers.

“I think that (the Packers) burned a bridge that’s going to be hard to overcome,” Favre told Eisen. “At some point, I think it will rear its ugly head.”

Favre also told Sirius XM: “I think maybe two years from now they reassess what the future is and Aaron may be reassessing where he wants to play,” which is interesting since Rodgers has four years left on his contract. Favre got three more years in Green Bay before he was nudged out after the 2007 season to make way for Rodgers.

And if Rodgers is getting advice from Favre, the relationship between Rodgers and Love might be strained similarly to how it was between Favre and Rodgers.

“It’s not Aaron’s job to mentor Jordan Love,” Favre said on Wednesday.

Compare that to what Favre said 15 years ago about Rodgers: “There is no clause that says, ‘You groom the next guy who’s going to take your job, or else.’ It doesn’t work that way.”

It sure feels like Favre is acting as an unofficial spokesperson for Rodgers — an intermediary of sorts. And if that’s the case, this thing could, indeed, get ugly.

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