Sarah Palin

LOS ANGELES -- The idea of Sarah Palin sitting down with a bunch of TV critics, let alone have a meal with them, sounds unbelievable, at least to one comic.

When John Oliver was told during the TV Critics press tour Thursday that Palin would be hosting a breakfast the next morning to promote her new show on the Sportsman Channel, he appeared astonished.

"That is incredible news," he said. "Sarah Palin at a breakfast bar. I think my life could just be over at that point, watching her spoon little cornflakes into a bowl. Oh, Sarah."

Well, it wasn't as if the former VP candidate was behind the buffet table. But she did appear to make some comments about how she was more excited about this project than some other past projects. She also invited critics to come up to Alaska to have moose chili at her family dining table and go ice fishing in her front yard.

Palin didn't take any questions, but she did announced that she was going to work the room and say hello to some "old friends." (I assume she was including me and the time we bumped into each other poolside at a Beverly Hills hotel.)

That plan didn't work. As soon as she got off the stage she was engulfed by critics, so much so that her heavy security team looked panic strickened.

Me? I stuck to my scrambled eggs. Guess I'll have to catch up with her when I take her up on that offer of moose chili.

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