Good evening from Atlanta, where my brother's fiancee, Jaime, is currently fuming because I am literally writing this from their couch as they ask me to be best man at their wedding next summer.

But Jaime doesn't understand the importance of this night.

My Twitter and Blackberry exploded a few hours ago when Derek Boogaard scored his first goal since Jan. 7, 2006, -- or 1,768 days. Now beware, because he'll return to Minnesota on Nov. 20 absolutely on fire.

11 p.m. update: Boogaard just texted me: "It finally got drilled into my head, I gotta shoot more like Rolston!"

The funniest 2 tweets I got tonight was from Kenny Albert, who can be followed on Twitter at @kennyalbert.

Remember, not only is he a Fox football play-by-play man, but he's the New York Rangers radio voice:

From @kennyalbert: @Russostrib just called a Boogaard goal!

From @kennyalbert: @Russostrib In the last 3 days I have called Favre's career-high in passing yards and a Boogaard goal.

Congrats to the Boogeyman. OK, back to my brother and Jaime.