TU Dance members rehearsed with Bon Iver in 2018. / Photo by Peter Stratmoen

TU Dance members rehearsed with Bon Iver in 2018. / Photo by Peter Stratmoen

All 2020 performances of “Come Through,” the critically acclaimed collaboration between Twin Cities troupe TU Dance and Wisconsin indie-rock unit Bon Iver, have been called off amid sexual harassment allegations at the dance company. The show had been booked for multiple nights this spring in Houston, Nashville and New Orleans.

An announcement of the cancellations was made Friday morning by Bon Iver, aka Eau Claire’s Grammy-winning rocker Justin Vernon and his crew, who simply cited “circumstances outside of our control.“

“These decisions are never taken lightly by the Bon Iver team and it is with our deepest apologies to the fans who will miss out on these performances,” read a statement posted on the band’s social media channels.

Refunds for tickets are being offered with no plans for make-up dates. All of Bon Iver's other 2020 tour dates are still going on as planned.

The announcement follows TU Dance co-founder Uri Sands’ resignation earlier this week after a female ex-employee served a lawsuit alleging sexual misconduct by him, and accusing the company of negligent management. The charges in the suit have nothing to do with Bon Iver and are not known to stem from this show. 

Sands and his wife, Toni Sands-Pierce, vehemently denied the allegations via an attorney but said in a statement, “We believe Mr. Sands' resignation will help TU Dance move forward in providing a safe and healthy environment for all.” Toni Sands-Pierce has stayed on to help lead the company.

“Come Through” was one of the most high-profile projects in TU Dance’s impressive 15-year run. Produced by the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra's Liquid Music Series, it premiered at St. Paul’s Palace Theatre in April 2018 and continued to be well-received via performances in Boston, New York, Los Angeles and several other cities.

Some of the music in the show – during which Bon Iver performed in the shadows on a platform overlooking the stage -- wound up being retooled for Bon Iver’s latest album, “i,i,” which is up for album of the year at next month’s Grammy Awards.