Keg and Case Market, the ambitious food hall opening later this summer at St. Paul’s Schmidt Brewery complex, has just signed another tenant: Bogart’s Doughnut Co.

“We’ve been talking about St. Paul, but building a whole new space always seemed so daunting,” said baker/co-owner Anne Rucker. “But then Dave [Merryfield, Rucker’s husband and business partner] and I went to take a look, and we totally fell in love with it. I didn’t want to admit to myself that we were ready for another location, but it has snuck up on me that we are. Our staff is just A-plus right now, so this is the time to do it.”

And the buildout? As it turns out, it's not going to be too complicated, since Bogart's is going into a 10-foot-by-10-foot stall.

“Which I love,” said Rucker. “This feels like a smart and easy way to dip into the St. Paul scene, and see if people like us over there.”

Rucker expects to feature all of her first-rate goodies at the new location: brioche raised doughnuts, either glazed with brown butter icing (pictured, above, in an image by Star Tribune photographer Leila Navadi) or chocolate ganache, or filled with Nutella or vanilla bean buttercream, plus ingenious variations on cake doughnuts, which incorporate dried lavender, dark Valrhona cocoa powder or cold press coffee grounds.

“We may do a special that’s only available there,” said Rucker. “There are so many cool and amazing vendors at the market, and I’d love to collaborate with them and create special doughnuts.”

The official Keg and Case Market (pictured, above) opening date hasn’t been announced, but Rucker hopes to be up and running when the rest of the market opens (find details on other tenants here). 

Bogart’s started in 2011 as a stand at the Kingfield Farmers Market and Fulton Farmers Market. Four years ago, a brick-and-mortar shop landed at 36th and Bryant in south Minneapolis, and Rucker expanded into downtown Minneapolis in 2015 with an IDS Crystal Court kiosk.

“We started at a farmers market, and now we’re going into a food hall,” said Rucker. “I like that idea.”