With a thriving economy and a low unemployment rate, business life is good in Bloomington these days.

But city leaders know the picture won’t always be so rosy.

So Bloomington is surveying more than 3,000 local businesses about city services, the local business climate, workforce recruitment and retention and the economy.

The scientific survey will be conducted over the next month, with results expected in July. The randomly selected businesses that have been asked to participate will take the survey online.

“Successful businesses are important to the vitality of the community,” said Diann Kirby, the city’s community services director. “They mean more jobs in the community, more people coming into the community.”

The survey, she said, “will help to identify the issues in the community, and where the city might assist businesses in certain areas.”

Bloomington also plans to conduct a similar survey among citizens this spring. Taken together, Kirby said, the business and the citizen surveys will give city leaders and planners guidance on the best direction for the city’s future.

“It’s a snapshot of the community,” she said. “It’s not a complete road map, but it’s useful information.”

The survey is being conducted by National Research Center of Boulder, Colo.