Just when it seemed that everyone in the country had at least one blog, it's looking as if blogging might have reached its zenith -- except among older Internet users.

A new online survey by Pew Research Center found that only half as many teens blog as did in 2006, and the number of millennials blogging (those 18 to 33) also dropped. But blogging grew among people 74 and older -- and 16 percent of that age group is on Facebook.

Just because blogging's on the wane doesn't mean Americans have tired of going on about themselves on the Internet. Thanks to the growth of social-media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare, they have simply switched allegiances to more precise and efficient ways of reporting where they are and what they're doing. Every. Minute. Blogs might fade, but they leave behind infinitely reproducing spawn.

Other notable findings of the survey: Millennials no longer sweep the board in all categories of online domination. Gen X and older users are more likely to seek out financial info online. Young adults are now just as likely to research health questions online as the old folks. And 66 percent of all adult Internet users now watch video online, up from 52 percent two years ago.

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