The Blaine man who admitted to ejaculating into his co-worker’s coffee last year was sentenced Friday to time in the Ramsey County workhouse.

John R. Lind, 34, was given a 90-day sentence, but that was stayed for a year as long as he serves 45 days and follows a number of conditions. He received one day credit for time he’s already spent in the county jail.

Ramsey County District Judge Patrick Diamond ordered that Lind serve his time in custody and not under electronic home monitoring or work release. Lind was immediately taken into custody.

Lind pleaded guilty April 2 to misdemeanor indecent exposure, defined as engaging in lewd or indecent behavior. He was originally charged with two counts of gross misdemeanor fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct, but that was dismissed because current Minnesota law does not define contact with semen as sexual contact.

As Lind was sentenced Friday, Pat Maahs, the woman who was the victim of Lind’s act, told the court that Gov. Mark Dayton had signed legislation that very day that she helped craft that would make such crimes gross misdemeanors.

“I knew it wasn’t going to affect my case, but I knew it could help others in the future,” Maahs said after Lind’s sentencing.

Lind fouled Maahs’ coffee while the two worked at Beisswenger’s hardware store in New Brighton — because, he said, he was interested in her and wanted to get her attention. Before Lind was sentenced, his attorney, Mark Kelly, likened Lind’s “disgustingly misguided” effort to that of the artist Vincent van Gogh, who, according to some accounts, cut off his ear and gave it to a woman.

Kelly told Diamond that Lind was not acting out of malice, and should be spared jail time so he can continue therapy.

“He’s cooperated with authorities from the start,” Kelly said.

Diamond asked Lind what he had to say.

“Just that I’m very sorry for what I did,” Lind said. “I let down myself and everyone I know.”

Maahs said she believes Lind had masturbated at her desk starting in the spring of 2014, but that she didn’t realize it until August. She underwent testing for sexually transmitted diseases, and will be tested one last time at the one-year mark for HIV.

Kelly said that Lind was tested and found to have no STDs.


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