A Blaine man already facing riot charges was arrested by federal agents Tuesday on accusations of violating a law against carrying a gun while being a drug user and addict.

Thomas Wilder Moseley, 29, was initially arrested Oct. 15, 2020, while he and other protesters gathered inside the Hennepin County courthouse during a pretrial hearing for the former police officers accused of killing George Floyd. At the time, Moseley was wanted by police for allegedly participating in a violent demonstration outside the Fifth Precinct station two months before.

Hennepin County sheriff's deputies arrested Moseley at the courthouse and found he was carrying a loaded handgun, which is illegal in the building, according to charges.

Minneapolis police searched his home and found two more guns, more than 1,400 rounds of ammunition, more than three ounces of marijuana and other drug paraphernalia, according to the charges. Officers also searched his car, parked in downtown Minneapolis near the courthouse, and found five guns, more ammo, a hatchet, a crowbar, gas masks, marijuana, psychedelic mushrooms and cocaine, according to the charges.

Police spotted him several times in September and October smoking marijuana, according to the charges. He also participated in protests at 38th Street and Chicago Avenue, the charges say. Less than two weeks ago, acting U.S. Attorney W. Anders Folk said his office will focus resources on bringing charges for gun-related crimes, including drug dealing, stemming from that area.

The charges say Moseley was experiencing drug withdrawal while in the Hennepin County jail, requiring him to sleep on the bottom bunk.

The federal charges come in addition to state charges against Moseley for illegally possessing a gun in the courthouse and damage to property. The latter comes from his alleged role in spray-painting graffiti on the Fifth Precinct station on Aug. 15 during a demonstration in which people "began throwing rocks and other objects, breaking windows, firing mortar-type fireworks at the building and at officers stationed on the roof, spray painting the building, and using paint to obscure the video surveillance cameras," according to the U.S. Attorney's Office.

Moseley was also one of five people charged with rioting earlier this year in connection with a New Year's Eve protest in which he and others gathered near U.S. Bank Stadium with the "explicit intention of causing damage," according to prosecutors.

A Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives investigation led to Tuesday's arrest. Moseley will make his first appearance in federal court Wednesday.

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