High-intensity fall bird migration is predicted to continue tonight (Monday, Sept. 28) and Tuesday, with huge numbers to be moving across the eastern portions of the country. 


Migration is expected to be heavy in Minnesota. A predicted wind from the northwest tonight(Monday) should aid migration. 


The flights mean birding on the mornings following migration nights — Tuesday and Wednesday — could be very good as migrants come to ground to feed and rest. Check your favorite park or patch.


Showers predicted for Duluth Tuesday and Wesnesday could ground large numbers of migrants on Park Point. Birding there can be extraordanary in such weather during migration.


The information comes from BirdCast, a radar-based prediction program operated by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.


As many as 694 million birds could be in the air, the Lab predicts. Following nights could be as good according to the the lab. Information is sent by email. For more and current information go to blogtrottr.com.


A major reason for tracking migration numbers is to alert businesses and buildings, those usually lit at night, to dim or stop lighting that could misdirect migrants. Millions of birds die each migration season when attracted by lights of buildings and other structures.