A couple of days birding in South Dakota. Low expectations met. Not high season. Got to Pierre and looked for motel. Every state employee came to Pierre for meetimgs. No rooms for 50 miles in any direction. Drove to Presho on I-90. Found a room. Motel clerk drunk, but happy drunk. No glasses or cups in room. No free breakfast. Television set had a tube (does your set have a tube?). Bad reception for Vikings game, not that reception made any difference. Went to sleep at halftime. Millions of viewers must have done that. Next day, mid-day in Chamberlain SD hospital clinic for small  problem. Fixed. Raptors here and there, including Golden Eagle, plus many meadowlarks, Finally, a lake with White-faced Ibis, pelicans, and Ruddy Ducks. Plus many of what my traveling companion -- along for the ride -- calls seagulls. I explain that misunderstanding. Cheap red wine and steak for dinner. Heading east to home after perfectly normal trip.