You might assume that Bill Murray and Tom Hanks don’t have that much in common, especially in the looks department.

While similar in age (66 and 60 respectively) and fame, one is a comic actor best known for “Ghostbusters” and “Groundhog Day,” while the other is a dramatic genius famous for his Oscar-worthy collaborations with Steven Spielberg.

However, a photo of a mom, a crying baby and one of the Hollywood actors has spiraled the internet into a state of confusion not seen since #TheDress and the great “blue and black or white and gold?” debate.

The image belongs to Laura DiMichele-Ross, who originally posted it to her Facebook group called “Reasons My Son is Crying” three years ago after meeting Bill Murray on a golf course at St. Andrew’s in Scotland.

It was taken by Adam Ross, the Guardian reported, and shows Laura holding their crying nine-month-old son, Alexander, with Murray mimicking his tortured expression.

However, it soon sparked floods of comments asking if the infant was bawling over the “Forrest Gump” star, despite the caption clearly saying it was Murray, and has since gone viral.

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“We are finding this very funny. I personally don’t see the resemblance to Tom Hanks but we’ve noticed that people have been mentioning it for years,” Laura Ross told the Guardian.

Ross actually bumped into Murray since then — while he was playing golf with Huey Lewis — and she got him to sign the photo. “He got a laugh from it,” Ross said.

Check out the full Facebook post below.