Bijli has made landfall near Chittagog, Bangladesh, Saturday morning (late afternoon EDT) and will continue to move in an east-northeasterly motion this weekend across northwest Myanmar. Winds will slowly weaken during this time, but flooding rainfall is a considerable risk.

The government of Myanmar issued a Cyclone Warning for the western coastal region of the country.

Rainfall totals are expected to exceed 10 inches in many locations near the path of Bijli. Along the immediate coast of western Myanmar and southeastern Bangladesh, a dangerous storm surge of 3-6 feet is possible the next several hours. There can also be an isolated tornado or two from Bijli.

Myanmar was struck by powerful Cyclone Nargis on May 2, 2008, resulting in the worst natural disaster in Myanmar's recorded history. Nargis struck the Irrawaddy Delta, an area farther south than where Bijli is expected to make landfall.

Bijli is not expected to be as strong as Nargis, and some of the terrain is more hilly in the forecast strike area. However, there is potential for devastating flooding this weekend, lasting into early next week. The storm also has potential to displace thousands of residents, and there is a significant risk for loss of life in western Myanmar and southeastern Bangladesh.

Story by Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski