A bicyclist riding in a traffic lane on Interstate 94 near the North Loop around 3 a.m. Sunday was hit and killed by a driver.

The victim, who has not been identified, is at least the fourth bicyclist since June found riding on metro-area freeways.

The Minnesota State Patrol said the fatal crash happened on southbound I-94 near W. Broadway in Minneapolis.

The bicyclist was hit by a Nissan driven by Kamala Jaglall of Richfield. Neither Jaglall nor a passenger was injured.

Conditions were dry at the time of the accident, and the investigation is continuing.

Bicyclists and nonmotorized vehicles are prohibited from traveling on freeways, and cases of bicyclists using freeways are rare.

On consecutive June mornings, the State Patrol had to shoo two cyclists off metro freeways.

A 14-year-old girl was following a route on Google Maps to take her home when she ended up riding in morning rush-hour traffic on the shoulder of eastbound I-94 near Hwy. 280. A trooper escorted her off the freeway.

The next day, a man was seen riding at the I-694/494/94 interchange in the east metro before a trooper caught up to him. The man hopped the freeway fence and rode off.

In August, a bicyclist was stopped by the patrol while leisurely riding his bike on I-694 during the morning rush hour. Motorists on his right and left were braking and swerving to avoid him.

In these three cases, lawbreaking cyclists were given a warning, but the patrol can issue a ticket for failing to obey regulatory signs. The fine varies by county, but could range from $125 to $145.

The patrol's Lt. Tiffani Schweigart has said that although it's atypical for bicyclists to be on a freeway, it does happen when they get lost or confused, or there is a misunderstanding.