THE Traveler: Nancy Weidenfeller of Minnetonka.

The scene: A flamingo stands out in a muted landscape on Floreana Island, one of the Galápagos Islands, in December. The bird was wading through the brackish water of a lagoon on the hunt for shrimp. Many other kinds of birds frequently visit the area.

The trip: "My husband and I try to travel to some exotic place every year, and this year we had the good fortune to spend one week cruising through the Galápagos Islands," Weidenfeller wrote in an e-mail.

The shot: Weidenfeller used her Nikon 5500 digital camera with a zoom lens to get this shot. "It was a beautiful calm, sunny morning. We spent about an hour standing on the shoreline observing and photographing a colony of Galapagos flamingos feeding in a shallow pond (their diet of crustaceans makes them a brighter pink than the African and European species)," she wrote. "I was intrigued by the color contrast between this solitary, vibrant pink flamingo against the brackish pond and dormant plants on the hillside. Pink flamingos on the lawn are fun, but having the opportunity to see the real thing in the pristine beauty of the Galápagos Islands is truly awe-inspiring!"

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