David Benson-Staebler, who has previously worked as a Democratic campaign staffer and congressional aide, has filed paperwork with the Federal Elections Commission to run as a Republican for Congress in Minnesota's Second Congressional District. 

He joins a crowded field of Republican candidates, which includes David Gerson, John Howe, Jason Lewis, and Pam Myhra. Three Democratic candidates, Angie Craig, Roger Kittelson, and Mary Lawrence, have announced they are running for Congress. 

Benson-Staebler (pictured above right) participated in a debate last month with the other Republican candidates for Congress, but said yesterday in an interview that he has not campaigned in the district since the debate. Benson-Staebler did not have any immediate plans to campaign in the district. 

When asked for examples of recent activity from his campaign, Benson-Staebler cited his Twitter account

Benson-Staebler, who works in real estate, recently moved back to Minnesota and lives in Morris, which is over 150 miles from the Second Congressional District. Benson-Staebler, a graduate of St. Olaf college in Northfield, said his decision on moving into the district is contingent on the success of fundraising for his campaign. 

Picture source: Glen Stubbe, Star Tribune