A bear cub trapped in a family’s basement was rescued by Duluth police after it entered through a broken window this past weekend.

“I will have to say, there is never a dull moment in this line of work,” officer Taylor Stutsman said in a Facebook post. “Who said city cops can’t play conservation officer?”

Luckily, the cub was not entirely alone. Its mother was not so patiently waiting outside the home for it. 

"To our surprise, mama bear was staring and growling at us," police said. "Needless to say, we quickly made our way to the door and into the house."

The homeowners were able to contain the cub in a laundry basket before officers arrived at the house on Trinity Road. Stutsman posted video of the encounter on Facebook. 

“We went to the basement and found one of the homeowners sitting on the basket,” police said. “I asked if I could take over and he replied ‘be my guest.'"

Duluth police managed to move the cub into a tote and carry it outside where they released and reunited the cub with its mother.

“We were there to help mama bear find her lost cub,” police said, as they posted a photo of the mother waiting outside the home for it.