The Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) has identified the two St. Paul police officers who fatally shot a 28-year-old man following a domestic dispute in the Dayton's Bluff neighborhood on Thursday.

Officer Daniel Gleason, who has been a police officer for 10 years, including six in St. Paul, and officer Jordan Wild, with three years' experience, exchanged gunfire with Phumee Lee, who pulled a handgun and pointed it at the officers after ignoring their commands to stop, according to the BCA.

Despite lifesaving efforts, Lee died where he was shot, not far from the home in the 400 block of Earl Street where the initial confrontation occurred. Investigators found a handgun next to his body and say the shooting was captured on the officers' body cameras.

No officers were hurt, but a police dog was treated at the Veterinary Medical Center at the University of Minnesota for a minor injury.

Gleason and Wild have been placed on administrative leave, standard policy following an officer-involved shooting.

Authorities say the encounter began shortly after Lee started attacking his girlfriend Thursday evening. She fled into the street to seek help from a passing motorist. Jeff Gedatus, a barber, let her into his car after she pleaded for assistance. She later told police that Lee had been using cocaine and had fired two rounds in the couple's home while their five children were present.

It's unclear what the children witnessed.

After removing the children from the home, police began searching the neighborhood for Lee. According to the BCA's preliminary investigation, the officers located him walking south of the residence on Earl Street, where Lee ignored commands to stop.

When they caught up with him on Euclid, Lee turned and produced a handgun that was hidden in his clothing, BCA officials say. He was struck multiple times in the volley of gunfire.

Police and court records show that Lee had a history of abusing the woman, also 28. He had violently attacked her in the past and was most recently jailed for allegedly driving drunk while in possession of a gun.

The two were in a long-term relationship but were not married, according to one relative. A friend said their children ranged in age from grade school to about 6 months.

Jurors convicted Lee of felony domestic assault in 2013. He was sentenced to 15 months in prison, which was stayed for five years' probation. Lee pleaded guilty to misdemeanor domestic assault in two separate cases in 2009. His girlfriend told police in 2012 that he had previously been arrested for assaulting her and his ex-wife.

Gleason, who was one of five St. Paul officers to help rescue a suicidal man attempting to jump off the High Bridge above the Mississippi River in 2014, was later recognized by the department with a Life Saving Award. His partner, Wild, is a Navy veteran.

The case remains under investigation by the BCA.