The 3-2 pitch

Three observations …

• Cleveland is postseason-ready. The Indians just need Andrew Miller and Michael Brantley to stay healthy. Miller is just off the DL, and Brantley is still on it.

• The Home Run Derby did not screw up Aaron Judge’s swing. He’s the latest example of how hard it is to dominate for six months, how pitchers and scouts exploit weaknesses. The game is not that easy.

• The Angels could be the surprise wild-card winner. They are 17-12 since Mike Trout came off the disabled list. Lefthander Andrew Heaney is back, and righthander Garrett Richards expects to return soon.

… and two predictions

• The Dodgers will rest position players and go easy on their starting pitchers down the stretch. So they will not break the single-season record of 116 wins shared by the 1906 Cubs and 2001 Mariners.

• Provided he stays healthy, Giancarlo Stanton, the best power hitter in the game, will reach 60 home runs.