On May 1, 2015, Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk stood next to Governor Mark Dayton in the chamber of the Minnesota Senate and said sending Dayton budget bills he would veto would be "...a waste of everybody's time."

Moments later, Dayton confirmed he would not sign an education bill which did not contain funding for his goal of universal preschool. 

Bakk did not respond to Dayton's comment. 

Seventeen days later and just hours before the constitutional deadline for the Minnesota Legislature to complete their work, the Minnesota Senate passed an education budget bill which contains no funding for universal preschool. The Minnesota House of Representatives also passed similar legislation.

Dayton previously said ending the legislative session on time was "very achievable." Dayton added he had a "shared responsibility" with Republicans in the House and Democrats in the Senate to work toward a timely conclusion. 

Bakk has said he supports Dayton's goal of universal preschool, but added it will be up to Dayton and Speaker of the Minnesota House of Representative Kurt Daudt to find a solution

As the clock ticks closer to the midnight deadline, all signs point to a Dayton veto of the education bill which would trigger a special legislation session  an unnecessary "waste of everybody's time."

Picture source: Minnesota Senate Media Services