We don’t know yet where Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield will end up being selected in this year’s NFL draft.

Chances are, it will be very high.

And regardless of any future riches coming his way, Mayfield is already a draft winner in one sense.

On Wednesday, he won the Internet. The whole thing. Or at least Twitter.

Mayfield, a confident young man who has been compared in some ways to Brett Favre, tweeted a photo in which he re-created an iconic predraft photo of Favre from 1991.

You’ve likely seen it: Favre in denim shorts (jorts, if you prefer) holding a cordless phone with a bunch of excited folks in the background. If you were creating a time capsule for sports in 1991, this photo would go in it.

Mayfield’s rendition was faithful right down to the jorts.

Even if he doesn’t turn out to be a Favre clone (the Gunslinger went No. 33 overall in the second round to Atlanta, by the way, before being traded early in his career to the Packers), Mayfield will always have this.

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