Here are a few of last week's nuggets from the campaigns of Minnesota's two presidential candidates:

• As former Gov. Tim Pawlenty's campaign announced it was yanking its Iowa TV ads a few days before the GOP straw poll in Ames next weekend, U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann was ramping up her ad buy.

She uncorked her third TV ad, declaring at "politicians are looting the treasury." This one features her talking directly to the camera from Ames and has her defending her vote against the debt-ceiling bill. And she makes a direct pitch for folks to show up at the poll and vote for her.

• The fourth anniversary of the Interstate 35W bridge collapse in Minneapolis Monday included the unveiling of a new memorial honoring those who died in the tragedy.

But the gathering did not include Pawlenty, who was in office when the collapse occurred and whose administration took heavy criticism in its aftermath.

Alex Conant, a spokesman for Pawlenty, told a reporter that Pawlenty was scheduled to be in Florida on Monday and Tuesday. The Tampa Tribune reported that the former Minnesota governor was on a two-day fundraising tour in that state.

Conant did not respond to a message asking whether the former governor thought about attending the ceremony.

• Presidential candidate Jon Huntsman has been getting flak for days for saying that Bachmann "makes for good copy -- and good photography."

As he defended himself, Huntsman said that he also called Bachmann a strong, legitimate candidate. But the transcript of his interview suggests otherwise.

"I think it's impossible for her to get the nomination," Huntsman said. "I don't think she's gonna be able to bring the numbers together within the Republican tent to get the nomination. She's off in one corner of the party."

• It will be the battle of the bands between Bachmann and Pawlenty in Ames on Saturday.

Pawlenty's music lineup: The Nashville Christian worship band SONICFLOOd and local Iowa favorite the Nadas.

Bachmann has lined up country music legend Randy Travis (and little-known others).

The Ames straw poll has far-reaching implications in presidential politics. But, it's a fundraiser, too. So candidates are allowed to provide inducements to get people to vote.

Most campaigns offer to cover the $30 ticket. On top of that, Bachmann's tent will offer a petting zoo, service dogs and funnel cakes.

Pawlenty will be offering Famous Dave's BBQ and Dairy Queen Blizzards.