A Des Moines Register post-mortem of Michele Bachmann’s Iowa-centric presidential campaign today reads like a forum for back-biting and clawing between the Minnesota Republican’s Iowa staffers and her national campaign team.
Titled “Nine reasons Michele Bachmann’s campaign fizzled,” the piece by Jennifer Jacobs, the Register’s chief politics writer, chronicles some behind-the-scenes tensions between Bachmann’s people on the ground in Iowa, and the ones “on the bus” with her during the campaign.
Tales of staff departures and defections dogged Bachmann throughout the campaign, culminating with the 11th hour exit of Iowa State Sen. Kent Sorenson, who turned up in the Ron Paul camp days before Bachmann’s disastrous last-place finish in the Iowa caucuses on Jan. 3.
Sorenson, who was spectacularly accused by Bachmann by selling out for money, continues to dish, as do others who were on the Iowa team. Much of the criticism is directed at advance-man-turned campaign manager Keith Nahigian and debate coach Brett O’Donnell, who were running the campaign in its final days.
Migraines and sexism also come back into play. A solid primer for political operatives.
Glen Stubbe photo

Glen Stubbe photo