A new poll in Iowa brings good news for both Minnesota presidential candidates, as they came out on top in a one-two finish.

The poll, from The Conservative Journal, has Bachmann with a commanding lead at 33 percent. Pawlenty follows her in second at 13 percent, one point ahead of Mitt Romney in third.

Both candidates have been campaigning heavily in Iowa, and both have run multiple TV ads in the Hawkeye State.

For Bachmann, the poll is one more data point that shows she’s the frontrunner in Iowa, where Romney has said he’s not planning to campaign as aggressively as he did in 2008. Romney is also not participating in the Ames Straw Poll in August, the next big milestone for the 2012 campaign. Many pundits say Bachmann is the favorite.

For Pawlenty, the second-place finish is a sign of life for his campaign, which has struggled over the past month. He was only at 6 percent in the Des Moines Register’s first Iowa poll, and has consistently trailed Romney in Iowa, if not Herman Cain and others as well.

Of course, this is just one poll, which can always be an outlier. Another recent Iowa poll from American Research group had Pawlenty back at 2 percent.

One difference between Pawlenty’s low number in the ARG poll and his second-place finish in the Conservative Journal survey: Rick Perry and Sarah Palin were included in ARG’s, not the Conservative Journal’s.