A man has a right to do his job and not get hit in the head. He just does:

American rock band Guns N' Roses incurred the wrath of a crowd in Ireland after showing up almost an hour late -- and then left the stage after being pelted with plastic glasses.

. If you watch the video, you get the impression the crowd was throwing bottles. And it’s Axl who quits. What’s that, you say? There’s video of the event?

Why yes: it’s here. I’d embed the whole thing, but people are swearing, and we have rules about those things. It’s notable for a few moments:

One: the person who comes out and lies about “technical difficulties” knowing there’s a stadium full of whipped-up inebriates is rather brave.

Two: if the crowd was unhappy because the bad was 90 minutes late, then it was the crowd’s first rock concert, wasn’t it?

Three: Why can’t bands start within the same hour as advertised? Yes, it’s one thing to let the crowd build up some momentum, but you just get the impression Axel doesn’t care if everyone sits around bored for 90 minutes, stoking their hatred for the band. Surely there were furious arguments backstage:  Axl, we said we were going to start an hour and a half ago. “Let ‘em wait, the tossers. Give ‘em something to look forward to.” But by now I expect they will have exhausted their reading material on their mobiles. And that’s if they have the Kindle app, Axl. A lot of them don’t. “They can download it while they wait, the *#($#)$ers.” I don’t know. Cell reception is spotty in these metal-enclosed arenas. They may not have access to the Amazon store. We have to get out there, now!

Note in the video how it’s no longer cool to watch a video. You have to watch it through the screen of your cellphone, so you can get a movie and prove to someone you were there. Which you were. Sort of.

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