The City Council in Austin, Minn., has canned a new city logo that's drawn heavy criticism from residents.

At a meeting Monday night, the council voted against using the proposed blue logo -- meant to suggest a can of Spam -- three weeks after it was unveiled.

The Austin Daily Herald reports that Council Member Janet Anderson was surprised by the strong reaction to the new logo. “I can’t imagine that the blue can is going anywhere forward," she said, according to the newspaper.

As we reported Saturday, the logo -- paired with the tagline "Talent Packed" -- was supposed to suggest the classic product made by Austin’s own Hormel Foods Corp., but some have argued that it looks like sardines instead.

Residents also criticized the logo's focus on Hormel, its cost and the fact that it was created by a Minneapolis-based marketing agency, rather than one of Austin's own.

“Most everybody didn’t like it right from the start,” said Mayor Tom Stiehm. In his seven years in charge of the southern Minnesota city, he’s never fielded so many phone calls. “I haven’t gotten one call in favor of it.”

The council will take some time -- while the city works on a new website -- before deciding what to do next. "Watch for a logo contest in the coming months!" the city's Facebook page says.