The police car came first, with its horn blaring.

Then a four-man color guard, dressed in camoflauge.

Next were four girls carrying a banner, recognizing the Lynx as the WNBA champions.

Followed by a 40-50 member band, the musicians looked like they were in high school. Found out later they were from Hopkins High.

Then the crowd waited and waited. The Lynx parade needed a parade coordinator. But forgive them, this was the first time the Lynx had ever won anything. Before their best finish was a tie for third place, once.

There was a  large time gap between the band and the first convertible with Lynx second-year coach Cheryl Reeve sitting beside Roger Griffith, the team's executive vice president.

A young man walking along the parade route said to his buddy, "It's about time Minnesota won something."

When Reeve and Griffith's convertible finally got within sight of Target Center, making the left hand turn on Nicollet onto 7th St., a huge cheer went up.

In the next white convertible were rookie Maya Moore and 40-year-old center Taj McWilliams-Franklin, the odd couple of the Lynx.

Prowl followed.

Then Charde Houston and Amber Harris, standing in a truck.

Monica Wright and Alexis Hornbuckle were paired in the next unit -- that's parade lingo for every band, float, car, etc.

The Lynx senior dancers were next -- women at least 50, although I might be being too kind there.

Candice Wiggins and Jessica Adair were next with four fans -- how did the fans get on a moving vehicle with two Lynx?

Jim Petersen and Shelley Patterson, the assistant coaches, were Unit 12. 

Chuck Barta and Keith Upzen, the team's trainers, were next,

And, at the end, in the final vehicle, were Lindsay Whalen, the Minnesota native, and Seimone Augustus, the Finals MVP. Their car almost got engulfed by fans as they neared Target Center. Everyone wanted a picture of the two of them. Augustus was holding the Finals trophy.

Actually, Whalen and Augustus took turns holding the trophy.

Lynx officials estimates the crowds on the streets totaled 15,000. The rally inside the Targer Center drew about 4,500.

If the Lynx repeat, the crowds will be double that size next year. That's my prediction.