tinderWednesday isn’t just a meeting  between two of the best teams in the NBA. No, when the 26-8 Hawks play host to the 25-9 Grizzlies, Atlanta will also have a very special promotion: Tinder Night.

The team is billing it as “Swipe Right Night” and inviting ticket buyers to find their match via the Hawks and Tinder — the dating/hookup app that allows users to swipe right or left based on their interest in others (sorry for the over-explanation).

We really have no idea what Tinder and a Hawks game have to do with each other, but the app (us married guys ARE TOLD) is location-based, so we suppose any singles in the crowd could use Tinder to find each other.

So how did you meet? “Using a dating app at an NBA game.” Such a cliche. Of course, our secret hope is that cameras catch a player or two on the app during the game.

Bleacher Report notes that our local NBA franchise could have a “Tinderwolves” night. We’ll report back if we hear of any such thing in the works.

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